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A Touch of France: French Croissant bun or French girl hair?

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Croissant Bun vs French Girl Hair

France, a country known best for its delectable food, rich culture and gorgeous-looking hair. We decided to take a closer look at the French locks that are that are trending today – the Croissant bun and the French girl hair. What do you think looks better?

The Croissant Bun

The Hairstyle: Perhaps immortalised by Princess Leia in Star Wars, the croissant bun made waves during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion week on the Chanel catwalk. The inspiration for this timeless classic was said to have been drawn from a work of art by Picasso.

Get the Bun Done: If you are looking to style your hair in the classic Chanel croissant bun, make sure you have a big foam roller for a large bun. In order to smooth down the strays, use a shine serum such as the Mythic Oil. If you are looking to make it more elegant and subtle, try the Gibson tuck.

A Professional Opinion: The hairstyle was seen sported by models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on the runway this winter. This bun looks absolutely refined and delicate, and accentuates any attire. Aside from the elegance, the classic Chanel croissant bun requires a certain amount of confidence to pull off.

The French Girl Hair

The Hairstyle: Ideal for the lazy girl in you, the French girl hair looks modishly unkempt. The rich brown hair colour gives this style a very natural aura. It is cut into layers down the back with elegant bangs on the front.

Hair with Flair: This style needs a lot of texture that would ideally take many hours to perfect. However, with the new Tecni.Art Line can bring a lot of texture to your hair in a matter of minutes. Pay a visit to the salon to get a "chop-chop" for the bangs. Set free your inner French girl.

A Professional Opinion: Inexpensive and low maintenance, all you need to achieve this style are some hair colour and a trim. Be the belle of the ball with this lazy girl hairstyle that goes well with almost any outfit.

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