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Chocolate Brown – The Trending Hair Colour for Spring

This Easter, chocolate is not only going to be eaten, but we'll be putting it in our hair as well! Well, not literally, of course. Chocolate brown hair colour is a great way to welcome the spring season. This luxurious colour is so irresistible that it will still be making waves this spring and summer.

How to decide which flavor to choose – milk chocolate or dark chocolate

Just like regular chocolate, there are many flavours of chocolate brown hair colour. A deep brown blended with warm highlights would look stunning on chestnut coloured hair. On the other hand, ebony coloured locks would look amazing mixed with cooler highlights.

It is advisable to get your hair coloured at a salon for a more natural effect. Make sure that you book an appointment with a hairdresser who knows his stuff. When you visit your salon, ask your hairdresser for advice on what colour of chocolate brown accentuates your look, skin tone and even your personality. Understand that the time you spend with your hairdresser will depend on the shade you desire. For a long-lasting effect, a Pro Fiber treatment may need to be applied. For blondes, crossing over to the dark side will require your hair to be pre-coloured.

Take care of your chocolate brown hair

Highlights always make the chocolate brown hair colour pop, be it light shades or dark ones. Hair products are a good investment to keep your colour from fading too fast. Products designed to protect you colour like the Vitamino Color Shampoo from L'Oréal Professionnel can be used to make your hair colour last a long time.

When the bunny visits you this Easter, make sure you ask for gorgeous brown chocolate hair instead of regular chocolate!

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