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Forehead Braid: Simple and Minimalistic Style

The Forehead Braid, also known as the Dutch Braid, is worn especially during the summer season. Regarded as a bad-hair-day saviour, the charming Forehead Braid is a detailed and intricate braid on the forehead or near the temples, ideal to portray an edgy and chic style!

Crown your glory with a Forehead Braid

If you want a different hair-do, then you can try your hand at the different types of forehead braids. This easy hairstyle can be worn to almost every occasion. To form the perfect forehead braid, twist your hair and cordon off a section from the front of your head. Use this to delicately braid across the length of your hair, providing your scalp as a base. Once the braiding is done, tie a rubber band at the end and tuck the end behind your ear. Forehead braids can be French braids, Dutch braids or fishtail braids, to give you a glamourous and fresh look.

A braid for every occasion

For a soft and sweet braid, plait the front section of your hair and braid it across the forehead, making a headband-type braid. These forehead braids work best on an oval face as they focus on the length of the forehead.

French braided forehead braids can be used to circle around your head, beginning the braid on one side of the forehead and pulling it around. These forehead braids are fun and flirty, making them ideal to dress up long straight hair.

Forehead braids are in style

With celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Rachel McAdams turning this style into a red-carpet worthy look, the forehead braid showcases undone and flyaway tendrils that give your face a romantic look. Combine this look with a colourful hair pin or hair tie, or with a subtle headband to add an extra dash of glamour to your look.

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