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Gigi Hadid's Blonde Hair or Bella Hadid's Mocha Hair?

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Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid

Two sisters with their own unique style and hair colour, Gigi and Bella are no strangers to attention. With their highly successful modeling careers and 'It Girl' status, they still manage to maintain their individual styles. Which one tickles your fancy: Blonde or Mocha?

Gigi Hadid: Blonde

The hairstyle: The embodiment of a 'California Girl', with her beach blonde waves, Gigi rarely departs from her signature style, except when she dip-dyed her hair blue over the summer (still the quintessential surfer girl) and once tried a faux bob.

The style: Achieving Gigi's look takes a little texturizing spray and adding some curls that are brushed back for a less formal look. Gigi often tries the casually messy wavy look with plenty of texture to the hair.

What editors say: Though both sisters have a unique style that has worked for them for ages, if Gigi ever decides to go a few shades darker, we're sure she could pull it off with ease.

Bella Hadid: Mocha

The hairstyle: Though her hair is naturally blonde, Bella prefers a darker shade as a reflection of her personality. Though she is seen most often with her hair a shade of dark brown, she sometimes adds some blonde accents that culminate to form a beautiful mocha look.

The style: When the light hits her hair just right is the only time you can see Bella's shiny mocha style, as it is a very subtle choice. Always part your hair down the middle to show off the look so no one misses your beautiful mocha look.

What editors say: Bella is perfect with mocha hair. With so many people who have dark hair and are bored of getting it done in just varying shades of that same dark colour, this sort of colouring is a great option. It gives you the chance to go a little lighter and add some brightness and life to your dark tresses.

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