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High Ponytail: Channel Your Inner Sporty-Spice

Whether you are tackling household chores, gearing up for a sudden meeting at work, or heading out for a workout, pulling your hair through a rubber band so that it gets out of your eyes and lifts off your back is the easiest thing to do. Combine sporty and professional with this simple ponytail to transform your look!

Tie It Strong and High!

Add allure to your square, round or oval face by lifting your hair and holding it at your crown, making sure that it makes a diagonal with your chin, cheekbones, and the tops of your ears. When you have the perfect position, secure it with a rubber band, smoothing and tucking in any stray strands you find.

Own and Stylise the Classy 'Do

Try variations with your ponytail to add style! A section of hair wrapped over and around the rubber band not only conceals it, but also adds a new dimension to your up do. Take an extra minute to braid the segment you plan to wrap around the rubber band, and add a quirky hair accessory for a special touch. A becoming blush which highlights your cheekbones, and alluring eye makeup complete the look! Tease the hair on your crown to add volume, or use a bouffant to make your high ponytail worthy of the red carpet.

The Perfect Look for Any Occasion

Every girl knows the despondency of facing a bad-hair day. On days when your hair looks dull and flat, notch up your style quotient with an up do that showcases you at your sporty best! All of us are acquainted with the humble ponytail. Wear your hair in an up do which defined sporty elegance no matter what occasion you are dressing for! It looks as good in a board room as it does at a cocktail party. Just make sure your hair has a lot of volume, and show your ponytail off with élan!

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