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Long bobs: Layered Vs blunt!

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Today's Match the Look is a battle between two stylish long bobs against each other: the lovely layered lob vs blunt retro bangs. Time to pick the side of a lob!

The layered long lob

The hairstyle: The secret behind this stylish hairstyle lies in its layers, which is manageable and naturally voluminous. The hairstyle can be transformational for someone who wishes to try a new look.

Style the look: The layered bob must be smooth but not flat. You can use the Liss Unlimited Smoothing cream from the Serie Expert collection, a great hairstyling product to keep your hair frizz-free and maintain its lustre.

What the editors say: The famous hairstyle sported by Rachel, a character from the popular series Friends still remains everyone's favourite. Carry the look into 2018, paired with highlights or a balayage.

The bob with blunt bangs

The hairstyle: Showcase your beautiful eyes with blunt bangs. The hairstyle is easy to create but requires regular salon visits for a trim to maintain the look, be it a sleek look or a tousled look.

Style the look: Avoid making the most common mistake of over-styling your bangs. Prevent your hair from getting limp with flat bangs on the forehead. You can go for a light hairspray such as the Tecni.ART's Natural Finish to prevents frizz, a natural texture and long-lasting hold. Create bangs that feel light and are controlled, with retained volume.

What the editors say: Add a touch of drama to your blunt bangs with a retro look. Try a mullet-inspired cut. A blunt fringe along with levels of contrast can create a playful look.

Time to pick the lob style, which will be your next look?

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