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Messy Up-Do: A Guide to a Flattering 'Just-Woke-Up' Look

The art of getting the perfect up-do involves perfecting the carefully created messy look. Whether you sport long hair or medium hair, the messy up-do is just what you need to get you through summer parties, shopping trips and luncheon dates with style and panache!

Messes are not easy to make!

Although these up-dos may look barely put together, they do need a bit of work to get the right look. Washed and dried hair must be curled in sections before being pinned or tied into an up-do. Make sure you spray your messy hairdo liberally to make sure it stays up until the end of the day.

So many styles to choose from

If you need to go out on short notice, fashion your unwashed hair into a messy top knot in a few easy steps. Tie your hair into a loose high pony tail and section it into two parts before wrapping it securely over your hair band, and securing it with bobby pins. Pull out strands of hair randomly to fan around your face and around the bun for the right look! For an intimate lunch date on a Sunday afternoon, pick a princess braid which casually messy while being elegant and easy to wear.

Keep it simple

A severe up-do with closely pulled back hair can make you look like a stereotypical librarian. This summer, wear your long hair up in a simple messy up-do which is attractive and easy to carry off. Supplement your look with attractive hair bands and quirky hair ornaments for a look that is sure to make heads turn wherever you go!

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