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Rocking the Glunge vs. Rocking the Grunge

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Glunge vs Grunge

Look into your inner 90s soul and see the kind of hairstyle you would have had back then, as a glunge or grunge girl!


The hairstyle: A modern version of the classic grunge look that's a tad more glamorous, the style first surfaced in 2011. It's on its way back this year, as a more luxurious take on the classic grunge look.

The style: The shine in the hair is accentuated with some shine serum to give the hair style a more polished look. It is slightly less disheveled than the traditional grunge look with more character lent to the hair with the different textures throughout the layers. Once you complete the main part of the look, lock in the curls with a texturizing spray and move some curls around in various directions. Paint your lips dark and use some more shine serum or pomade to complete the look.

What editors say: A grunge look with a little more elegance is a favourite with so many who want the edginess of grunge with a little more class. It is a classy and casual look that will leave everyone wondering about the secret to your gorgeous hair!


The hairstyle: At the top of Tumblr's Most Reblogged Fashion Trends for 2015 and seen on the Spring Summer 2016 runways, the grunge look, which is the embodiment of messy and just got out of bed, is making its way back.

The style: A mix between hipster, rocker and an indie chick, the grunge look is ideal for second or third day hair. It can be styled up or down, left loose or as a messy bun or ponytail or pigtails. Pull the look together with a good beanie.

What editors say: Low-maintenance and guaranteed to make you look cool, this hair style is perfect for anyone who loves the classics.

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