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Styling Tips to Get Kangana Ranaut's Foxy Curls

Kangana Ranaut has metamorphosed into a style icon over the years. Her naturally curly hair has become a trademark of sorts and Kangana never lets slip an opportunity to flaunt her gorgeous tresses. Her foxy curls are now a popular hairstyle with many.

Hello Curls!

Perming your hair is one way to get these spiral curls and keep them for a while. A spiral perm is a chemical process and can give you spring-like curls that last for a few weeks. However, a water perm will only last till you shampoo your hair. Less permanent methods include using a curling iron and some heat protection gel, and blow drying with a round brush.

Style it Your Way

Chemical perms are not suitable for all types of hair. Medium to wavy hair that has not been exposed to too much colour or chemicals can withstand the rigours of this process. The drawback with thick hair is that it is likely to weigh down the curls and throw a damper on the look. Fine hair, meanwhile, is definitely not a good candidate for perming, so methods that use slight heat are a better option for those with thinner hair. Curls are a great look for square faces as they soften the edges, while heart-shaped faces can carry off sideswept tendrils well.

No Heat Curls

Apply some curling mousse to damp hair and some anti-frizz serum if your hair is vulnerable to frizz in humidity. Then you can use rollers and leave them in till your hair dries. For tight curls like Kangana's, use small rollers if your hair does not have much of a natural curl in it. Finish off with shine serum and hairspray, and you're ready to paint the town red with your foxy curls!

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