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The Rise of the Mocha Hair Trend - A Celeb Favourite!

A change in hair colour can be great for your morale, if done right! Though red and blonde shades are high on the popularity list, browns, mocha in particular, has found favour with plenty of celebrities and A-listers.

Is Mocha For You?

The first thing you need to determine is your exact skin tone. Those with warmer skin tones and eyes that are golden brown, green, or hazel with brown flecks should go for mocha, chestnut, or caramel brown hair colour. Just colouring your hair mocha will not do. Ensure that you choose the right lipstick and make-up to glam up the look. Deep orange, golden red, and coral are the shades to choose in lipsticks.

Which Celebrity Look Do You Want?

Stylists recommend the Mila Kunis look for those who are hesitant to try colouring. Her naturally dark hair makes sure that the roots never seem like they need a touch-up. This style is low maintenance because re-growth is not very evident. Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas is a blonde who has moved on to this trending colour over the years.

Mocha and Ombre

Despite being a natural blonde, Sofia Vergara chooses to go mocha in keeping with her onscreen persona. The television actress is often pictured with caramel honey highlights in her tresses that complement the mocha well. Khloe Kardashian's mocha hair with caramel blonde ombre highlights paired with the bedhead look was an instant hit. Try the mocha hair colour to make an effortless style statement!

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