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Wavy Sideswept Bangs Bob: Red Carpet Glam

How many times have you sighed over the wavy sideswept bangs bob sported by quite a few celebrities including Cameron Diaz and Michelle Obama? Just a few clips with the scissors and the wisps of hair falling in seductive waves down one side of your face can transform you into a diva!

Make Waves Wherever You Go!

Long wavy bangs with a very short bob can look extremely chic. A great example of this is the Indie rock style, which is a tousled bob with long bangs on either side of the temple. For a funky look, colour your bangs fuchsia or if you are the subtle type, copper red. Feathered sideswept bangs can be curled away from the face and sprayed in place.

Step Out in Style

Styled the right way, sideswept bangs can take the focus away from your forehead and accentuate your eyes. In order to retain the style of your bangs, always comb them sideways. After washing your hair, blow dry with a round brush to ensure the waves stay on. You could try to give the bangs a little flip at the ends to bring about a softer look. Don't attempt to straighten your bangs with a flat iron if you have naturally wavy hair.

Which One's You?

Wavy sideswept bangs with bobs are best suited for square or rectangular shaped faces. Long curtain bangs and a bob, a la Cameron Diaz, can do wonders for a lot of face shapes including the round one. To get the style right, the bangs must be parted slightly off-centre and extended until a little above the jawline. This brings about a slimming effect to your face and gives it an elongated look. The good news is that wavy sideswept bangs with bobs are suitable for all types of hair, and experimenting with a bit of styling gel and a curling iron can produce spectacular results.

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