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Winter Is Coming! Flaunt the Cool Bleach Blond Hair Color

Cold air and snow showers are a constant every winter season. But, the various shades of bleach blond hair are one of the most stylish hair trends on social media being looked forward to. Although a bit similar in looks, the blonds are all a bit different from the other. Check out your favorite styles!

Blond Balayage

The blond balayage look consists of bold and bright blond sections that contrast against darker roots and hair sections, giving a more natural and textured effect that looks great with piecey waves. Use the Smartbond hair service during hair coloration to protect and strengthen your hair.

Luminous Ombré

The gorgeous look still has dark roots, but the hair looks light in a uniform manner, getting lighter at the ends with a dazzling cool blond shade. Bleach blond hair can be tricky to smoothen as they quickly become dry. Try the in-salon Steampod service by L'Oréal Professionnel which gives flawless and straight hair.

Warm Blond

You can flaunt a warm look in winters with shades of rose or peach in your bleach blond hair color. Your hairstyle will mix different shades of color suiting your skin tone to achieve this look. Check out this mix of cream soda shade, a hint of golden blond and light strawberry blond over a neutral beige blond base.

Icy Cold Blond

Winters call for layering, so why not try a layered hairstyle with romantic waves and colored in an almost-silver shade of blond. The icy blond color looks great on cool skin tones in particular, while warm skin tones may look washed out.

Select your perfect shade of bleach blond from the Blond Studio hair color collection . Ask your hair stylist to customize your color and the techniques for a gorgeous and unique blond look this winter!

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