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Brighten Up Your Summer with Colour Roots

No time is bad time to try something new, especially when we're talking about hair colour. And, when it's about style, go for the latest and trendy and let go off the conventional ways. The age-old hair colouring technique involved a natural hair colour shade applied from length to tips. But, the trends are changing as

Pink & Platinum Hair Colours

Platinum hair is a true winner and a head-turner, but pink hair roots are a pretty picture to look at as well. Both the colours being pale, make the separating line very less visible, which makes the growth naturally pink in colour. Apply the Powermix Color Mask from the Serie Expert collection to maintain the shine and health of your beautiful locks.

Blue & Beige Colours

Blonde is one hair colour shade we can never get tired of, especially the cool tone of beige. Why not give beige an interesting blue hair roots for a happening and a rock n roll style? Use the Liss Control by Tecni.ART to keeo your hair shiny and straight.

Magenta & Brunette Hair

Blondes alone don't get to enjoy the hair colour trend. Brunettes have as much fun with coloured roots to add character to the hair colour. Why not add a vibrant magenta pink at the roots, along with chocolate brown coloured locks? A great colour combination, as the pretty pink brings out the depth of the chocolate brown, making it more intense. Make your hair colour interesting with a stunning pink and brown styled hair.

Don't want to make a long-term commitment to a particular hair colour trend? Consult about the #ColorfulHair by L'Oréal Professionnel with your hair stylist. It is a personalized temporary hair colour in-salon service for short-term hair colouring.

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