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  • French hairstylist Delphine Courteille's Top SS2016 looks

French hairstylist Delphine Courteille's Top SS2016 looks

Delphine Courteille's Straight Long Look Delphine Courteille Baby Doll Look Delphine Courteille's Boxer Braids
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Developed by French hairstylist Delphine Courteille, exclusively for L'Oréal Professionnel, Hair Trend News presents to you the top looks for Spring/Summer 2016! Get adventurous and try out some of these bold new styles before the summer kicks in.

Delphine Courteille's straight and long look for L'Oréal Professionnel:

Delhphine has used the model's long hair to her advantage by pasting down her roots to give the effect of wet hair and used Mythic Oil Original Oil by L'Oréal Professionnel on the ends. This hair style is a more feminine version of the usual hair-down look that we see, and is unique in its graphic style.

Delphine Courteille's baby doll look for L'Oréal Professionnel

Using Savage Panache, Wild Stylers 60's Babe by Tecni.ART to add some texture to this modern version of Brigitte Bardot's style, Delphine Courteille has given the model some long and easy waves with a messy top and pulled the rest back into a ponytail. For a very 70s look, leave two strands out to frame the face. Shine and a neo glam-rock style are guaranteed with this style!

Delphine Courteille's boxer braids look for L'Oréal Professionnel

Braids are definitely the new in-thing in the hair style world. From Beyonce's new video for Formation to Miley Cyrus' boxer braids, this style is everywhere now! With hip-hop culture as her inspiration, Delphine Courteille has recreated the boxer braids to match her taste. Skinny braids that are done up in a tight manner are kept in place by using the Mythic Oil Original Oil by L'Oréal Professionnel. This breezy style is sure to be popular this summer!

Exclusive Q&A for Hair Trend News: 5 Questions for Delphine Courteille

Why did you decide to become a hairstylist?

DC: I've always loved photography and fashion design. I also love hair and I've always wanted to be an architect, so I decided to combine the two to become a 'hair architect'! [laughs]

What inspires you?

DC: I am really passionate about architecture. And like architecture, styling hair is based around lots of volume and different textures, so the two universes are very similar.

Out of the three looks that you created, which one was your favorite?

DC: The baby doll look, it's so 60s - I love that era. I also really liked the braided look I created, but I prefer to work with volume.

In your opinion, what's the biggest trend for SS16 (in terms of cut, color or style)?

DC: I really like baby bangs, and it's definitely going to be a trend this season. A lot of models from New York have already been seen with the style and have worn it on the runways so you'll be seeing the look in lots of photos on the internet and in magazines – baby bangs are definitely going to carry over to street style soon. Other styles we've been seeing a lot of recently are fishtail braids, messy buns and lots of braids: R'n'B braids inspired from the Fugees era and really tight braids will be trending this summer. In general lots of hair looks this season will have a 90s/beginning of the 2000s feel to them.

What's the best hair advice you can give someone?

DC: It's so important to treat your hair. If you want to have beautiful hair you need to take the time to condition it and really treat it. The Pro Fiber haircare range, for example is a great deep-conditioning treatment that will last for a few weeks. If hair is healthy, any colors applied to it will look radiant and fade less quickly, and salon blowouts will be exceptionally beautiful!

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