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It's Time to Flaunt Your Colored Mane!

The colored hair trend is back with a bang across the globe. More often seen on women, many men can be seen braving to flaunt colorful hair as well. Why be shy? Men can also experiment with their hair and try from the endless temporary color combinations range offered by the L'Oréal Professionnel's #ColorfulHair servic

Get Creative With #ColorfulHair

You can enjoy coloring your short hair as much as you do with long hair. Even men can experiment with a bold and vibrant color. Ask your hairstylist to find the perfect hair color shade for your using the #ColorfulHair service, based on your skin tone and natural hair color. Try a bold and striking midnight blue shade or color your tips with a bright orange or try streaks of opalescent hues – the decision is all yours. Pick a funky shade befitting your personality and which also makes you stand out in a crowd.

You don't need to worry before getting your hair colored. It is a short-range commitment as the ColorfulHair last only up to 15 washes. The service also includes a treatment for hair color removal, setting you free to go back to your natural hair or even try a different hair color again. It can be a great way of trying out as many shades you want.

Style Your Colored Hair

While you enjoy your gorgeous new #ColorfulHair look, you must try as many hairstyles possible using the right hairstyling tools. Try the collection of gels, pastes and waxes from the Homme hairstyling collection from L'Oréal Professionnel to help you achieve the perfect hairstyle matching with your hair color shade. One of the products is the Poker Paste, which is a reworkable formula to create a textured and matte finished hair. Also, the high-shine defining Wax is ideal to bring out the shine in bold colors.

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