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Japanese hairstylist Tomohiro Kobayashi and his Top Looks for SS2016

 Tomohiro Kobayashi's Rocker Chick Ponytail  Tomohiro Kobayashi's Modern Double Buns  Tomohiro Kobayashi's Rocker Chick Ponytail Tomohiro Kobayashi's Flaves
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With the Summer and Spring on its way in, we asked Japanese hairstylist Tomohiro Kobayashi to give us at L'Oréal Professionnel some easy styles that won't get you all hot and bothered on those hot summer days. Keep reading for some super easy summer styles that aren't too hard on the eyes, either!

The Rocker Chick Ponytail by Tomohiro Kobayashi

The perfect balance between ballerina and a neo-samurai would probably have exactly this hair style. An easy style that works best with long hair, it is a mixture the classic bun and a traditional ponytail, that stops halfway through the second twist of the ponytail. It keeps the hair off you neck and a little colour on the hair with INOA from L'Oréal Professionnel just makes the style stand out more.

Modern Double Buns by Tomohiro Kobayashi

Tomohiro has given his own twist to the double buns that were made popular by Gwen Stefani in the 90s and are making a comeback because of Miley Cyrus and other stars that are embracing the trendy look. With braids first to add some volume and texture to the hair, the hair is wound up on either side of the head, lending it a futuristic look too. A little bit of Infinium hairspray from L'Oréal Professionnel keeps the entire style in place.

Flaves by Tomohiro Kobayashi

Flaves means flat waves – coming from a balance between Hollywood waves and beach waves, with the hair a little flatter near the head. Using the Hollywood Waves Siren Waves Cream from Tecni.ART by L'Oréal Professionnel and a straightener to create the flavy look, Tomohiro has created a hair style that is perfect for any occasion – formal or otherwise.

Tomohiro believes that hair should be kept healthy which will make it last longer and that experimenting doesn't mean compromising on the quality.

Exclusive Q&A for Hair Trend News: 3 Questions for Tomohiro Kobayashi and Harumi Iwakami:

Why did you decide to become a hairstylist/hair colorist?

TK: I became a hairstylist because I always wanted to work in fashion – this job has allowed me to do just that. I can create things, be influential in my own unique way and leave a trace in the world.

HI: I was first drawn to hairstyling and then hair coloring because I wanted to be able to have a professional career that let me travel and discover the world.

Out of the three looks that you created, which one was your favorite?

TK: Flaves! Flat waves are very feminine and add just a touch of volume to make the hair look gorgeous.

HI: Double buns. They're so 90s, regressive and modern at the same time, making it a very bold and daring look.

In your opinion, what's the biggest trend for SS16 (in terms of cut, color or style)?

TK: This summer it's all about bangs! Ultra-short bangs in particular, like 'baby bangs' – they're going to be thin, wispy and almost transparent for a see-through look.

HI: Colors that aren't ''natural'' like pastels, bright green, blue will be trending this season. The era of pastel hair and rainbow hair is far from over!

What's the best hair advice you can give someone?

TK: It's so important to have well-conditioned hair and get regular treatments done – if your hair isn't healthy it's hard to work with and create beautiful styles or even have a nice cut.

HI: It's important to have healthy hair if you want to have a great color – hair that's healthy will make the color more intense and last longer.

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