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Match the Look – Bangs: Short vs. Long

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Match the look

So, what type of bangs do you want this summer – short and smart or long and lucent? You could also kick off the season with one style and transition on to the other.

Short Bangs

The hairstyle: Going short is extremely feminine and helps give your face a delicate touch. They emphasize your forehead while highlighting your eyes. Short bangs come with a three-pronged advantage – they turn heads, frequent trims are not necessary, and they stay out of your eyes!

The style: Get your stylist to give some texture to your bangs. These need to be accompanied by loose, long lengths for the ethereal touch. Always keep a wide-toothed comb handy for untangling and keeping them smooth.

What the editors say: Paired with a super glamorous outfit, complete this heavenly look with some sparkly accessories for a stunning contrast. Use some Mythic Oil to help your hair shine and bring out the varying shades.

Long Bangs

The hairstyle: Don't make the mistake of thinking that blunt bangs and jaw-length ends will make you look severe. Considered a super chic style, this is a favoured style with Parisiennes and helps thin out your face and create the impression of a longer neck.

The style: A clever stylist can give just the right cut by breaking up the bangs and the tips to steer clear of a boxy look.

What the editors say: This version of short bangs seen on the runway channels the style to draw focus on to the design of the outfit. Get the tone-on-tone Dia Richesse Hi-Visibility Color from your local L'Oréal Professionnel hair salon to help color stay bright and luminous for a much longer time.

Have you made up your mind on whether to keep your bangs short or long...or both?

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