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  • Micro Fringe vs. Blunt Bangs – The Final Game Changer

Micro Fringe vs. Blunt Bangs – The Final Game Changer

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Micro fringe or blunt bangs?

When it comes to bangs there always a style to suit every face shape. Fringes don't follow the rule of one size fits all. With an array of choices to pick from, it is essential to make a decision based on your hair type, the shape of the face, length of your hair and the look you wish to embody.

The top two bangs always pegged against each other are the micro fringe and the blunt bangs. Which suits you the best?

Micro Fringe – The baby bangs of all fringes

From celebs to runway models, everybody seems to want more of the micro bangs effect. These roughly chopped bangs sit just over an inch or even higher above the eyebrow line. Despite being back in trend over a year ago, the micro fringe is an edgy look here to stay. This series of bangs introduces a more retro vibe to your look than any other hairstyle. Audrey Hepburn and Bettie Page made this risky cut fashionable in the 50s, which today is the go-to hairstyle to flaunt a cool factor. While snipping your bangs to this super short length can be an intimidating move, the end result elevates your hairstyle by leaps and bounds and upgrades the overall look.

Blunt Bangs – The deep, brooding bangs of all times

Although blunt bangs might not be something everybody can handle, it sure does suit all face types. A refreshing blast from the past, the blunt bangs are in vogue and straight out of the 90s era. Popping up on runways, this set of bold bangs works well with all faces and outfits but can be a little difficult to style, unless you have straight tresses. Thicker, longer and straighter than the micro fringe, the blunt bangs can be a little more high-maintenance and requires a little effort with styling. But once done right, these bangs can make your extreme haphazard style look more put together and sophisticated. During straightening, for more protection, use Smartbond cream and pre-shampoo.

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