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Wrap it in style with a ponytail

Rev up your look as you turn your back on 2017, with a striking take on the classic ponytail. Step into the new year with a new hairstyle...

Replace the classic hair elastic

High or low is the first question that comes to our minds, when it comes to making a ponytail. While the color and pattern come next in line.

Check out this runway look, flaunting a ponytail tied up with a matt black ribbon instead of a simple elastic band. The ribbon is wrapped around the hair from the top to bottom, giving a regular ponytail super cool.

Recreate the look

While an invisible elastic and a velvet ribbon with a texture of your choice are enough, remember to use the right hair styling products!

Remember to keep aside the bothersome flyways from ruining this runway-inspired look. Apply a few drops of the Mythic Oil's Huile Originale, smoothening it down the lengths and tips of your hair (damp or dry). You can use a paddle brush to straighten your hair for sleek hair before you make a low pony with an elastic.

Begin wrapping the ribbon around the ponytail by tucking one end into the elastic. Slowly continue to wrap the ribbon tightly as you go down the length, and stop after you have covered 3/4th of your hair. Fix the ribbon by tucking it with an elastic or a bobby pin to secure it behind the ponytail keeping it invisible.

Professional tip: Always finish your hairstyle with a hairspray like the L'Oréal Professionnel's Infinium Pure . It will provide a glossy shine and will control the hair from getting frizzy, keeping your hair in place at the same time.

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